Meet our Ajax Mitsubishi Service Experts

When you need assistance with a Mitsubishi repair or maintenance, Ajax Mitsubishi has a team of service experts to guide you.

Meet our service staff who you'll be trusting your Mitsubishi vehicle with before you schedule a service with our service staff today.


Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers

Service Manager
Phone: (866) 519-0133
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Mark has been part of the family for 20 years & is now our Service Manager. His intentions are constantly directed at operating his department in the most effective & efficient way possible.
Yiwei Jia

Yiwei Jia

Mitsubishi Master Technician
Phone: (866) 519-0133
Yiwei has been a Mitsubishi Master Technician for over 20 years. He knows the product like the back of his hand & can recommend vital services needed to keep your vehicle running for years to come.
Mark Gapas

Mark Gapas

Service Advisor
Phone: (866) 519-0133
Contact by Email
Adrian Gray

Adrian Gray

Phone: (866) 519-0133